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AfrAA Conference 2020 Uganda is marking milestone in sustainability for the arts discipline allover the world. Many reforms, bills and actions focused on this date.the sustainability milestone been? What will the future for Arts discipline?

AfrAA Conference in Uganda 2020 aims to solutions for pressing problems the creative and outstanding of its participants.

AfrAA Conference 2020 will be around symposia, sessions, workshops forums to unite attendees presenting, assessing and developing and strategies dealing with problems facing artists. From these events would like to establish in the form of reports and new ideas policy makers and stakeholders.

The AfrAA Conference 2020 Uganda invites submissions of proposals and side events.

Following the conference theme "Unlocking the creative potential of the African nation", the Arts Committee developing a program that highlight the advances research made to address current Arts discipline problems in our changing world and how Arts can use arts to Unlock the creative potential of the African nation. A will be on the solutions to the pressing problems of our.

Sessions and side events be considered that address or more of conference topics:

  • Ensure that arts Education is Accessible as a fundamental and sustainable component of a high quality renewal of Education
  • Unlock the creative potential of the African Nations
  • Establishing a culture of peace and sustainable development in Africa and world at large
  • Fitting arts in education system
  • Arts in world politics
  • How can artists be used to conserve environment
  • Communication Arts
  • Developing and protection of Museum for future generatigeneration
  • How heritage sites and Museum do contribute to the development of nations
  • How can youth be encouraged to join arts discipline
  • Relationship between the arts of today and the past
  • Using arts to shape the world
  • Arts and world economy
  • History of Arts discipline.
  • Where is Arts discipline in the next 50 years and how it can compete with other discipline especially science disciplines
  • The role of Arts to the economic development of Africa and the world at large.
  • How can we use Arts to unlock the creative potential of the African Nation?
  • What avenues can arts use to influence their impact in the development and leadership of the world?
  • How can Arts Fight Xenophobia
  • Digital Arts in Africa and the world.
  • Use of Arts in fighting slum development in Cities
  • Why African Artists and why to join AfrAA?
  • Role of creative Arts

Who may submit a or side event?
All who share Arts or practice are invited submit symposium or side proposals. We encourage from arts at all, university students, NGOs, art practitioners.

Students and Young
As solutions finders of tomorrow,and young artists (PhD & post-docs) are encouraged to present participate.
If you are young artist and would to contribute to AfrAA Conference 2020 program/organise a or side event, please “Young Artist” on.

Preparing and submitting a event proposal
Proposals should be submitted the online Via email: .

If you would like organize a particular side, please indicate the of event, subject, length maximum number of Workshops, discussion forums and tanks are welcome, and style and format are entirely up to side event proposer.

Preparing and submitting a proposal
Proposals should be submitted via

Those submitting the proposal provide basic information symposia organizer(s), title, a abstract of the proposal (at least 350) and a list of speakers (we strongly you to contact those and get their tentative agreements) and their affiliations. 

Financial support for session or speakers will not be provided by AfrAA Conference. refer to the registration for more information special discounted registration rates students and developing.

In standard symposia, we that each speaker be given at least 20 for his/her presentation. is also possible to allow Speed Talks of 5 duration followed by a discussion time. Symposium may also wish to devoting part of the to a visit posters linked to the Posters will be on all week in conference center.

Symposia are open to abstracts from all participants
Please note that abstract submission process will open to all, symposium organizers may need include papers or posters were not originally for their sessions. Individuals abstracts will be to select the session(s) their presentation is relevant to. During the review process by the 2020 Arts committee,allocation of accepted abstracts specific sessions will be made (with some consultation session organizers). Please be of this possibility the need for flexibility designing your session. In event that the of accepted abstracts for particular session exceeds number that can be in a single session, may be given additional session slot in Congress program.

Criteria for selection
Symposia proposals will be and evaluated by members of the Arts Committee primary consideration given to Arts quality and to the Congress themes.

Acceptance decisions will be no later than 28 Feb 2020. An open for Abstracts will be in Feb 2020, with abstract submission until 10 March 2020 and acceptance until 15 March 2020. 

Role of symposium organizers
Symposium organizers of accepted are expected to with prospective presenters regarding of abstracts (Email,2020 to 28 Feb 2020), and will be asked review abstracts submitted their sessions during the review period (in December 2019 and January 2020). Arts Committee will review approve (or ask modifications) of all sessions the final program is

Organizers will be responsible chairing sessions (or the chairing of sessions) are encouraged to pursue options, including special of journals, for papers in their sessions on publication options will available on this website.

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